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So I love my new job, but I just need to take 2 seconds to complain and rant about it and then i’ll be back to loving it…promise….

#1. I never want to stand or get up or walk again my feet are so tired. Who knew standing and serving people for 8 hours would be so tiring?!

#2. I’m pretty sure after a whole summer of having a mandatory black on black dress code I will have lost all fashion sense I may have. I will for sure need a personal stylist (aka my roommate) to make sure I don’t end up wearing leggings/black jeans with one of my many new black shirts everyday to classes in the fall

#3. After only 3 days of working, I’m so used to saying “how can I help you” and “have a good day” when someone comes up to me that I’m going to have to work on my conversational skills very very soon

But in all seriousness, I really do love my job working at the bakery and I’ve actually ended up having a lot of nice interactions with people…I even met a packers fan all the way in vancouver! I thought i’d share this song with you guys today because it really helps me unwind and relax and it also just feels so summery. Now I just wish the weather here would catch up with my state of mind so I can go tanning!

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