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The season finale of one of my fav shows aired on Monday, and for all of you who haven’t been watching “Bethenny Getting Married” (last year’s season) or “Bethenny Ever After” start doing it! Bethenny is one of the Real Housewives of NY, and this show is a spin-off starring her. I know I know you may be thinking how stupid the RH’s are (and i’ll admit they are), but I love them because they’re so entertaining and crazy and dramatic…maybe my life will be a little more drama-free because i’m watching SO much drama happen in their lives?

Anywayyyy just wanted to show you guys a little collection of pics from this season on B.E.A. Also, if this is any more incentive to watch, one of my roommates (who will not be named) actually likes this show and Bethenny and she has always made fun of me for watching RH’s and Keeping up with the Kardashases etc. And I know it’s not my birthday any time soon and there isn’t really a holiday coming up but I have been DYING to try a skinny girl margarita (the low-cal drink Bethenny created) and it’s not sold in Canada. Any of my U.S. friends want to send me a bottle? Pretty please??

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